The Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in Denmark

We are a non-profit organisation that aims to connect business professionals, companies, and entrepreneurs who share a common interest in commercial activities between Denmark and Lithuania.

Our focus is promoting trade and investment between these two countries, we strive to provide our members with valuable networking opportunities, business insights, and access to relevant resources.

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Members and Partners

Dipwork - member of LCCDDipwork - member of LCCD
BBH - member of LCCDBBH - member of LCCD
Revenue Flow - member of LCCDRevenue Flow - member of LCCD
Noxer - member of LCCDNoxer - member of LCCD
AMCON - member of LCCDAMCON - member of LCCD
Dipwork energy - member of LCCDDipwork energy - member of LCCD
Ergoline - member of LCCDErgoline - member of LCCD
CCID - member of LCCDCCID - member of LCCD
Wurth Group - member of LCCDWurth Group - member of LCCD
ND memeberND memeber
Thomas Hanke - LCCD
Thomas Hanke - LCCD
Inga Lapinskaite Mikalauske - LCCD
Inga Lapinskaite Mikalauske - LCCD
Inga Lapinskaitė Mikalauskė
Thomas Hanke

Team Members

Siminta Jacinavice - LCCD
Siminta Jacinavice - LCCD
Siminta Jacinavice
Antanas Mikalauskas - LCCD
Antanas Mikalauskas - LCCD
Antanas Mikalauskas


Network, learn and grow

We welcome companies and individuals who wish to expand their network and foster stronger economic ties between Lithuania and Denmark. Join LCCD community and:

Expand your network

Connect with like-minded businesses, potential partners, and key decision makers in both Lithuania and Denmark.

Gain market insights

Access exclusive industry reports, participate in informative events, and benefit from insights from our network of experts.

Boost your visibility

Increase your brand awareness and reach new customers through our extensive network and communication channels.

Grow your business

Develop valuable collaborations, explore new markets, and access tailored support services to achieve your business goals.

Copenhagen Networking Event - LCCD
Copenhagen Networking Event - LCCD
Business Membership

Gain access to business networking events, connections to key decision makers, and unlock international growth opportunities.

Individual Membership

Discover skill-building events, exclusive resources, and mentorship programs to help you reach your full professional potential.

Types of Memberships

Individual membership - member of LCCD
Individual membership - member of LCCD
Business Membership - LCCD
Business Membership - LCCD