Meet Our Members and Partners

From successful entrepreneurs to influential business executives, our members represent a diverse range of industries and are at the forefront of driving economic growth and innovation in both Lithuania and Denmark.

dipwork - LCCD memeberdipwork - LCCD memeber
BBH - LCCD memeberBBH - LCCD memeber
Revenue Flow - LCCD memeberRevenue Flow - LCCD memeber
Noxer - LCCD memeberNoxer - LCCD memeber
AMCON - LCCD memeberAMCON - LCCD memeber
dipwork energy - LCCD memeberdipwork energy - LCCD memeber
Ergoline - LCCD memeberErgoline - LCCD memeber
CCID - LCCD memeberCCID - LCCD memeber
Wurth Group - LCCD memeberWurth Group - LCCD memeber
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